Some years ago, I added this Hermès tie to my collection. Not for its pattern, I actually hate checked ties, but for its strange ability to immediately make me think of strawberries, lots and lots of savoury strawberries, fresh from the field, served with whipped cream, enjoyed in the bright sun on a beautiful summer’s day, in the garden, with friends and family, say, on my birthday, on a day when there’s nothing to do but to laugh and to smile and to eat those strawberries with whipped cream, lying stretched out on rattan garden furniture, enjoying a soft breeze, exhausted from opening all your beautiful presents that were picked out with love, and which are offering even more of it, one of these moments in life when you’re completely happy with the world and your present company, when you’re without a care in the world, when just one consideration might enter your cheerful mind: how to get another glass of icy cold champagne without moving. What other tie does that, I ask you?