Mykonos revisited.


When you travel, you have to have the right shoes with you. Shoes you can walk in. I don’t know what Tom Ford had in mind when he designed these thongs for Gucci in 2002, but surely the ability to walk wasn’t on the list. Why I kept them at all, I cannot tell you. Some kind of memento mori perhaps. I only wore them once in Mykonos, for, let’s be generous here, twenty minutes. Then I had to return to my hotel because of the pain they were causing. These ever so carefully designed straps were cutting into my flesh. And the tortured expression on my face obviously was giving them away. “Is everything all right?”, I was asked by the concierge when I entered the lobby. “Tom Ford hates feet.”, I replied. My loyalty, of which I am so very proud, I had to leave to the others.

Later that day, I looked less dressed up with my comfy Nike sneakers, but I could walk again. Comfortably. Even smile. Something quite important when cruising.