The dark ages.


2005 was a remarkable year. It was the year that for the first and only time in my life I found sunglasses that suited me. I’m not exaggerating here. I tried on thousands of sunglasses, and either my head was too small or my face was too big or I simply looked like a plain moron with them. The Ray-Ban wayfarer was the worst. Do you know what this does to a teenager in the 1980s? I was missing my entire youth, but I saw a lot of bright days. Sun damaged eyes were less compromising, believe you me. Years of agony.
But then, just before I was about to be eternally blinded by my vanity, Dior Homme showed up with not one but two frames that for some reason made me look good, almost cool. At the time, Hedi Slimane was still in charge of the men’s collection at Dior and although I don’t know if he cared to care about any of the brand’s framework, I’ve been wanting to cherish his name every summer since 2005. He gave me back my eyesight. I can walk again!