Coffee, Cake & Weekend

There’s nothing really new to tell about coffee, is there? We’re all accustomed to having it to go when shopping, on the run from deadlines at the office, and at the break of day at home with our eyes semi-closed. Wherever we like to get in touch with some peace, calm and quiet on our own or some invigorating moments with friends, it has to be (and always is) fresh ground coffee, made from fancy organic beans from one of those high-toned plantations in Java, Brazil or Costa Rica. Nothing to write home about anymore. But what did come as a surprise, at least to me, is the way they adorn that milky foam nowadays. Today, with our cakes, mine was ananas cake and quite yummy, we had an onion (why would somebody want to put an onion on one’s coffee, I ask you), followed by something that looked some strange creature from outer space, then an example of ungifted action painting, and finally some botany: a glorified sprouting crocus. At least that was my interpretation. I do miss those hearts, quite boring, but at least one could tell oneself it was another barista’s déclaration d’amour.