Forgotten pleasures.

Scrolling deep down one’s Instagram gallery makes you discover amazing things you’ve had totally forgotten about (one’s memory is playing dirty tricks on one, believe you me!). Anyway, if it hadn’t been for this sudden interest in my own posts, I could have sworn to never ever have done an apple gugelhupf (now, if you don’t know what a gugelhupf is, just gugel it 😂😂😂 — sorry, I just had to make this stupid joke). The apples for it came directly from our garden, as usual, and I guess, it must have been delicious, it does look delicious, doesn’t it? So why in God’s name had I forgotten all about it??? Please, someone tell me!

4 thoughts on “Forgotten pleasures.

  1. The ingredients look pretty basic yet the end result looks pretty memorable. I think I’ll have to try making one this weekend to get us through another (ugh) late winter storm!

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