Car Wash, California Style.

My friend Katja is a very stylish girl. When she’s washing her car, she does it with colour coded accessories from the finest origin. Her car duster—I for one, I don’t drive a car, in fact, I don’t even have a driver’s license, didn’t know such a thing exists—is not only made of some fleecy material in the exact same red as her little Nissan, but also from California—I don’t know why, but anything Californian has a lush appeal to me, one automatically thinks of sun tanned boys, bronzed despite any zeitgeisty fear of the sun’s side effects, I’m from the 80s, I remember a time when bronzing was not yet a health hazard, lean, with sun bleached blonde hair, broad shoulders and narrow thighs—or girls, chose a sex according to your orientation—lying on a beach, or better yet, coming out of the water carrying a surfboard, one always should carry a surfboard, it’s so becoming, but I digress, anyway, Katja is the kind of girl who turns car washing into a sensuous undertaking, we both forgot her car’s registered not in Malibu but in Luxembourg and that any ocean is far away from us. I certainly couldn’t come up with a better style to wash a car…

2 thoughts on “Car Wash, California Style.

  1. I had no idea such a thing existed – fabulously stylish indeed! Ours is just sprayed and then buffed with something called Showroom Shine but as an excuse, we have no water supply on hand. But now my dream road trip to California also includes a stop at a hand car wash.

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