Garden party.

It was supposed to rain all day, with occasional thunder and lightning, that’s what the weather forecast said. When you’ve planned to celebrate your birthday in the garden, that’s when you start to question if there is any justice in this world. So you set two tables, you spend hours looking for the other milk jug, the one you only bought because the other one might break one day, not because you thought you ever were to set two tables identically, you check the sky every two seconds, and then you check the cookery book again, is the beef supposed to look like that? The cakes out or not, that is another question, outside they’re no longer in your way, but they might get wet, inside, no, then you would have given in, that’s not an option, so out, out damned cakes, all four of you, you made way too many, you kiss your waistline goodbye and as soon as your guests arrive you exchange the coffee cups for tea cups because nobody wants coffee, you unpack gifts, you introduce, you pour the boiling water and wait for the brew to reach its full aroma, meanwhile people decided to start with crémant, no, let’s wait till after the cake, after?, why not now, tea?, why would anybody want tea?, let’s celebrate, let’s have that crémant, oh, it’s from Luxembourg, but you said the one from Burgundy was so good, or was it the Loire, I’m cold, can I borrow a pullover, oh, thanks, don’t you have one in beige?, black is so unbecoming, can I have coffee, do you have a Nespresso machine?, why did you set the table inside, it’s such a beautiful day, rain?, why should it rain?, don’t be negative, ah, the forecast said so, okay, so there’s a table set outside, too???, let’s go all outside then, what are you cooking?, manzo alla sarda? what’s that?, beef?, is it organic?, I only can have organic stuff, organic?, well, it’s from my father’s cousin’s private herd, you know, the one with the forests, the beast lived free, it had a name for crying out loud, so yes, it is!, that’s wonderful!—oh yes, entertaining is wonderful.

5 thoughts on “Garden party.

  1. Gosh, it looks like you had a very happy birthday! Let them eat cake always sounded so delightful an option. Belated Happy Birthday X

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  2. I laughed so hard it ended in a coughing fit! Your story just wound up like an over tightened spring. – Happy (belated) Birthday Jan.

    Liked by 1 person

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