Grey’s Anatomy is my anatomy.

Many a thousand years ago, when I was very sick, I needed some distraction from coughing all the time, ever so heavily, sniffing, too, less heavily though, I needed something to entertain me while sipping all these litres of lindenflower tea and trying to actually taste for once the chocolate I was eating all day, my tastebuds are always the very first to give up, when a friend brought me Grey’s Anatomy, season one. I was hooked immediately and made him get me seasons two and three at once, which he did. It was pure relief. Utterly comforting. I started binge watching long before that term even existed. How could I not? That show was great. Miserable people with miserable lives just like mine, they all fell in love with the wrong people, worked long hours, had obnoxious colleagues to endure, had terribly hot colleagues to have sex with, and to regret it the next day, it all was just like my life, apart from their strange medical endeavours, I never had to separate conjoined twins while being hung over from last night’s waving happiness good bye or transplant an entire respiratory system while recovering from being stood up at the altar the night before, but then again, work in advertising can be pretty similar, at times, at least, in some strange way, but that’s another story, anyway, I’m still hooked, after all these years, after all those seasons I’ve seen after finally recovering from my flu around season three’s episode 14. I do miss Cristina Yang though, the toughest of them all, and smartest, if I were ever to be reborn, I want to be her, she’s such an ass kicking character, her disappearance was quite ironical by the way, she left Seattle for Zurich the very time I left Hamburg for Zurich, isn’t that amazing a coincidence? I never met her in Switzerland though, all those four years in Zurich our paths never crossed, not once, although I was always looking out for her, always, all the time, believe you me.

4 thoughts on “Grey’s Anatomy is my anatomy.

  1. I absolutely adore this series and have watched it religiously since the very beginning. I cannot believe how long its been on television, I never tire of it. I’m a very sensitive man, it usually makes me cry for one reason or the other (or at least choke up a bit). I’m delighted you know the series. I’m so happy that the creator’s series SCANDAL is going off forever soon. I say good riddance, each week I tune in I cannot believe how ridiculous it is. It’s like a train wreck, you can’t stop looking at.

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