Save the rich and sugar!

Sugar is the most opposed achievement in modern society, when you admit putting sugar in your coffee, you’re as politically suspect as if you opposed putting taxes on the rich. So, unless you’re already wearing a t-shirt that says Save the Rich, don’t ever quit sugar! You might lose what life’s all about, where there’s nothing sweet to experience, there’s only bitterness to endure, so believe you me, you don’t want to live without any contrasts, you need them just as much as the day needs the night, and the week its weekend, and whatever they tell you about the danger of sugar or carbohydrates altogether, slow or fast, think of what you’d have to give up once you’ve renounced sugar, the rigid bitterness of your orange marmalade, mine is imported from a weekly market in Versailles and amère as hell, needs some sweet to soothe your tastebuds, otherwise you end up with a twisted tongue, citrus fruit and sugar cane have the same origin, God – and you don’t want to contradict God, do you?

2 thoughts on “Save the rich and sugar!

  1. Can I confess to a lifelong aversion to sugar in drinks? But I still applaud this wonderful post because I love desserts and sweets and find it sad that something so delicious has been demonised. Yours is such an elegant sugar bowl too.

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