Obelix is coming to dinner.

My first comic book was Asterix, and it changed my appetite forever. From that day on in the early 1970s, before I could even read, I’ve been a huge fan of boar. They looked so very yummy and juicy, leaving me with disappointment that I was not invited to those festivities held at the end of every story. So, no wonder, with New Year’s Eve as next festivity in line, I decided to start the new year with a ragoût de sanglier, marinated for days, sautéd and browned, now finally stewing with lots of red wine, French, of course, Bordeaux is the closest wine region to Aremorica, to their little Gallic village, I guess, spiced with chillies, juniper berries, some garlic, pepper and laurel from our garden, not from Caesar’s wreath, but still the most familiar seasoning to me thanks to René Goscinny, I hope Getafix the druid agrees with it, too, his potions always looked really yummy, prepared in that huge cauldron in that wonderful hut’s open fireplace, my pot’s French, too, medieval Le Creuset, its colour alone, that bright orange looks like it came out of a comic book, so happy my parents have a gas oven, you can’t cook the Gallic way on an induction cooker, anyway, as you might have guessed by now, my inner child can’t wait for dinner, can’t wait at all.

2 thoughts on “Obelix is coming to dinner.

  1. I absolutely love the Asterix books and nobody writes about them better than you. And I’ve often thought the Le Creuset pots are gorgeous but so heavy when full that I need someone like Obelix to lift them. If only I could come over for that delicious dinner.

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