Oranges and cream cheese say the bells of St.Clovis‘.

Are you familiar with that nursery rhyme about the oranges and lemons the bells of St. Clement’s keep talking about? And those five farthings you owe St. Martin’s? As a matter of fact, I don’t know anything about the origins of that song, but I am not surprised that oranges and lemons have a leading part, there is no other country where these fruits play so very important a role in life, just imagine a breakfast without orange marmalade, it’s quite impossible, I certainly can’t picture it, there’s lemon curd, too, so yummy on toast, creamy-crispy sensations on your tongue, sweet and sour revelations, taste-buds awakenings, don’t forget about blood oranges, the sweet have conquered the sour on your toast, the same goes for lime jelly, the sour now totally defeated, spreadable green gummy bears, with a hint of an early morning cap, and grapefruit marmalade, a pink delight that spoils you forever, but oranges that made it into marmalade are the quintessential feast, thick cut, tawny and coarse, on buttered toast or dark bread with cream cheese, from Fortnum’s, Wilkin & Sons or Frank Cooper’s, by Royal Air Mail from Emily or imported from your last trip to London, once spread you can’t resist sinning, it’s perfection, it’s the best start to the day, to the week, to the year – to life. Life, the English way. Rule Britannia!

One thought on “Oranges and cream cheese say the bells of St.Clovis‘.

  1. Obviously this subject is close to my heart and I firmly believe you can judge a nation on what it eats for breakfast. I think you are actually an Englishman, the best kind, Lord Clovis with a fine estate, where elegance and refinement rule the day. I’m looking forward to breakfasting together one day.

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