Get steeped in history.

The Thirty Years’ War ended here, in Münster. With a peace treaty signed on a sunny day in 1648. France, The Netherlands, Spain, Austria, Sweden and the dozens of little states now known as Germany had finally come to their senses. Many centuries later, in early December, 2017, my best friend Katja’s and my worst hangover ended here, too. After a long walk through town, we decided never to eat, drink or smoke again. Coincidence? I think not. Despite being a very prosperous town, there are fine jewellers at every corner, pearls and diamonds, Meissen and Prada, Rolex and Gucci, Eames and Louis XV, you get it all, Münster is such a modest town, calm and serene, wise and virtuous. If you want to end anything, feuds or vices, any kind of addictions or sins, just do it here where it comes naturally. But the very moment, boredom sets in, you better leave in a hurry.


3 thoughts on “Get steeped in history.

  1. After moving to France all those years ago, I shared an apartment with a girl from Münster who was always telling me how beautiful it was. I’m ashamed to say I have still not visited it but at least I can appreciate its beauty and even learn about history through you. Thank you.

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  2. What a sweet entry!

    Do I presume that, unlike the peace that ended the Thirty Years’ War, your new Puritanism (breaking your addictions) soon crumbled so that you are now lustily eating, drinking and smoking again?

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