Berlin under construction.

Berlin’s a mess. A total mess. I think it’s always been a mess but right now, it’s really messy. There is no architectural ensemble to be found, it’s a bold mix of old and new, tradition and modernism meet on every corner. Unter den Linden, however, the grand old Prussian boulevard from Berlin cathedral to Brandenburg Gate and Reichstag, has kind of lost whatever was left of its old splendour. Temporarily, I mean. Unter den Linden translates to Under the Lime Trees, but at the moment, you won‘t find any limes there, at least, I don’t. Right now, everything and every place is one single construction site. First of all, they’re building a new subway line right under it, then there’s our last Kaiser’s palace, Wilhelm II’s Stadtschloss, that is being reconstructed like a phoenix from the ashes, and if that wasn’t enough, several other buildings are being renovated, updated, uplifted or rebuilt, like the Staatsbibliothek, the old Prussian state library which has one the nicest courtyards ever, it once was full of climbing vine, all these beautiful leaves, turning red in autumn, bright as fire, were giving the classicist façade such a lush expression, and don’t ask me what all the other bulidings are called that are undergoing all this trouble. But when you blend it all out, all that noise and pounding, and just focus on the beautiful spots, you find nothing but intact Prussian splendour. Berlin is every bit a feast for life as Paris. Believe you me.

One thought on “Berlin under construction.

  1. Thank you so much for the lovely walk down this legendary street. It’s been a building site for as long as I can remember but I’m glad I managed to see those lime trees a long time ago. The only thing that grieves me is the rebuilding of the Stadtschloss which I thought was an ugly building to begin with. I still miss the old Palast der Republik which was also ugly but at least had character. I’m delighted you put in a photo of my embassy though.

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