Moody, wonderful Zurich.


Today, truth be told, I miss Zurich and its lovely, warm and ever so cozy atmosphere. Maybe because it’s gotten so cold and winter’s ahead and it’s soon to be Christmas, and this is, apart from summer when Zurich is quite breathtakingly lush, especially the lake, the water by the way is so clean you can drink it, never have I seen happier swans and ducks, or happier swimmers, neither have I seen better dressed swimmers any place else, anyway, winter is some fine season for this architectural gem, too, as not only the town is beautifully decorated, but you get Brunslis at Sprüngli’s, the best Christmas cookies in the world, basically chopped almonds, chocolate, spices and sugar, I couldn’t get enough of them, thank heavens Christmas is only once a year. So, I took my iPhone, scrolled through all the photos that I took over the years and had some fine old port to help me cope with my homesickness… Don’t get alarmed, I’m fine, you just scroll down and enjoy Zurich, good old Zurich… sniff.


2 thoughts on “Moody, wonderful Zurich.

  1. Thank you so much for writing this and for the very beautiful photos. My weekend there, almost exactly one year ago, was one of the best ever and I dream of going back. I also miss your photos and writing about Zurich and still think of you and Mousey as living there. More from the archives please.

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