From Russia with love.


My dear friend Emily has the wonderful habit of sending me presents not only for Christmas or my birthday, but for almost any occasion there is. Today, I got this wonderful teacup, sent directly from Russia where it was made, I was thrilled, really, you see, Emily knows about my love for Russia, Tolstoy’s Russia of course, the one with smart men in even smarter uniforms, passionate women in the prime of their lives, all of them sipping tea on languid afternoons, in summer or winter, in the wideness of their palaces, allongés on canapés, looking through windows giving onto the endlessness of their country estates, there is nothing vaster than a Russian country estate, none of their thoughts, whether good or bad, sad or happy, finds itself ever rejected to be reflected, to be contradicted, to be evened out, in this majestic width there is nothing to hold them back, you just see your thoughts intensified, exposed to your very own truth, each and every sentiment is doomed to multiply itself, anger turns into wrath, sadness into depression, love into obsession, every frame of mind faces the inescapability of one’s destiny, and then you find yourself squashed under a train or talking to old oaks while your tea is being prepared, but I digress, what I really want to say is: Thank you, Emily!

3 thoughts on “From Russia with love.

  1. Waking up to read this beautifully written, poetic tribute has to be one of the best things ever. Your blog is such a joy and it’s a great honour to be featured here. Thanks to you I read War and Peace, Buddenbrooks, discovered Chanel No.22, the genius of Claude Chabrol and learned about artists I had never heard of so it’s the very least I could do. I hope this cup makes teatime extra special. There is something extraordinary about Imperial Russia – my only concern is that you have a happier fate than Prince Andrei or Anna.

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    1. You write the most amusing streams-of-consciousness and then, somehow, at the very last moment before heading over the falls, you catch yourself! With a lovely thank you to Emily. I enjoyed this and maybe someday soon I’ll read War and Peace too.

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  2. What a lovely essay you have written. I feel your love for Emily. I have never had the pleasure like you, but feel her beauty and kindness in far away Chicago. Enjoy your tea cup and all the beautiful pleasures life holds for you.

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