A marriage of convenience.


Frederic II of Prussia was also known as Frederic the Great, although his wife, Queen Elizabeth Christine thought he was not great at all, she used to call him a “Winzling”, a midget, not so much because she wanted to point out his emotional shortcomings but because she was taller by a head. Frederic didn’t care much about her either, mostly because he was gay and had only married her to please his father, hoping, once a married man, he would be left alone to his own devices, and left Elizabeth Christine in Charlottenburg while he moved to Sanssouci, the palace he had built all to himself. Voltaire was allowed to visit and stay for months, his wife was not allowed one single visit. But don’t feel sorry for her, Charlottenburg is quite nice a place to be left behind.


2 thoughts on “A marriage of convenience.

  1. Prussian elegance and splendour really suits you. The photos are magnificent and your text was so well researched and erudite. I’m looking forward to having you as my guide when I next visit Berlin. And this time I will even go inside this amazing place and think of the stories behind the facade.

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