Switzerland is a Grand-Duchy.


The best thing about Switzerland is the food. And the best thing about the food is a Luxemburgerli from Sprüngli’s. You might think it’s a macaron but it’s not, believe you me. I’ve had macarons, plenty, even those hysterically cherished ones from Ladurée, and I had them from Ladurée in Paris, on rue Bonaparte, so don’t tell me the taste was probably just affected by transportation, say a long-distance flight to Sydney, Cape Cod or Kyoto or where ever you picture me misjudging Ladurée’s famous delights, no, even those iconic French macarons are nothing in comparison. Nothing compares to a Luxemburgerli. Nothing. Actually, it makes macarons obsolete. Sad excuses for a sweet. You better take the next flight to Zurich and make it to Paradeplatz as quickly as you possibly can. Oh dear, how am I supposed to live without them? I have no idea. In fact, it’s the only Swiss achievement I’ve been missing since I left Zurich for Berlin. I really don’t know what to eat in bed on a cold Saturday afternoon anymore.


3 thoughts on “Switzerland is a Grand-Duchy.

  1. So I hate to say I told you so…but I told you so. Berlin has many wonderful things going for it but sadly nothing like Sprüngli’s and no macarons which can compete with those incredible Luxemburgerli. As a self-confessed macaron monster, I can confirm that they are indeed better than those from Ladurée and also Pierre Hermé. But you cannot even get Ladurée from Galeries Lafayette in Berlin anymore and as mouthwatering as the éclairs or the charlotte aux fruit rouges are, sometimes only a macaron will do. So let’s make a pact to return to Paradeplatz together and in the meantime, I promise to make you a Linzer Torte next time I’m in Berlin. No replacement for Luxemburgerli but something comforting for Saturday afternoons, especially cold ones.

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