Beware of snow.


In September, 2013, I moved to Zurich and was expecting a winter quite different from the ones in Hamburg. I had moved to Switzerland; I was expecting snow. So, when at Hermès looking for a treat, this cashmere cap seemed to be just the right thing to protect my head from all these upcoming icy flakes. I put it on, and was transformed into some kind of liftboy. The cap they had on display at the store was much too small for my head, it just sat on top of it, with no visor at all, a little to the side, quite perky, just like a liftboy’s pillbox cap. A liftboy. I looked like a liftboy. And that meant, I looked like Felix Krull, German literature’s most stunning creature. The sales woman of course showed up immediately with the right size, but it just made me look like an ordinary guy with an ordinary cap on his head. My mind was made up. I wanted to look like Thomas Mann’s wet dream.

Taking home the cap and my first Hermès hat box, I was so happy. If only I had known there would be no snow at all in Zurich that winter, and none in the following years either for that matter.

3 thoughts on “Beware of snow.

  1. I will wish for snow in Zurich this year then so that you can finally wear this with the delicate white flakes falling on it. I love the fact that literary associations influence your fashion choices and you make me want to read Felix Krull. I realise there are still so many books I need to discover. The liftboy’s pillbox cap makes me think of the shady, ambiguous character of le lift in Proust who seems to know all the gossip at the hotel in Balbec and may or may not be having an affair with Saint Loup. Wonderful photo to complement the fascinating text.

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  2. Then there is the resourceful Lobby Boy Zero Moustafa in Grand Budapest Hotel. I’m sure he was inspired by Felix and maybe the guy from “Call for Philip Morris” ads. I stayed at the Frankfurter Hof once, and the doorbell to my room rang. It was a lobby boy in full regalia, pillbox hat, white gloves, delivering a fax on a silver tray. These days the diet includes so much protein, this teenage Lobby Boy was 6’4″ and very skinny, couldn’t quite deliver the 1920s look…now you’ve sent me back to Proust…

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