Rue Albert 1er, the beginning.


My mother made me her fashion consultant when I was eight. When I wasn’t in school or out with my best friend Daniel, I would spend most of my time with her in Luxembourg’s boutiques. There was Maison Moderne on Grand’ Rue, owned by Mr Cohen, a charming, bearded guy, very slim and refined, always with a pipe in his mouth. The fifth floor of his department store was all mine, I picked out my cotton velvet jeans by Michel Bachoz there, I had them in various colours: in bordeaux, brown, navy and cognac. The third floor was my mother’s domaine. And I was completely fine with what Mr Cohen would pick out for my mother, like in 1977 this ensemble by Saint Laurent Rive Gauche, which showed the prêt-à-porter after effects of Yves Saint Laurent’s iconic Russian haute couture collection from 1976. My father, very much in love with my mother, took a photo of her wearing it, in the little front garden of our town house on Rue Albert 1er. Happy Times.

4 thoughts on “Rue Albert 1er, the beginning.

  1. Ich ueberlegte, dir einen Kommentar auf Deutsch zu schreiben…But then I decided to write in English because I’m lazy. What a beautiful tribute to your mother who looks and sounds like a truly remarkable woman. She is so timelessly elegant. This writing is incredibly vivid too and I can almost feel myself there.

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